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The question you must ask yourself is ” why am I paying rent”? Technically speaking when you pay rent you are really paying another persons mortgage. Lets say you pay $850 per month, that is $10,200 per year. If you pay that for 5 years that is $51,000 of money you Read More

Best Kept Secret In America, The Mississippi Gulf Coast!

No matter where you live in America if you want to live on the water, by the beach or want your boat in your back yard it cost lots of money. Thats why I consider the Mississippi Gulf Coast the “The Best Kept Secret In America”! You can buy waterfront Read More

Home Purchase & Education Go Hand in Hand

For many families, schools are an essential consideration when searching for a new home. However, most property searches only offer property related criteria such as price, beds, baths, and square feet. As such, locating properties that meet the criteria for your family and your child’s education can be challenging, especially Read More

How to Track Your Home’s Value

Buying a home is generally the single largest purchase that we make in our lifetimes and most of us are interested in not only the value of our properties, but also the general value of like properties in our neighborhoods. Whether you have just moved into a new home or Read More